As the vision of ITI as a “Technology-based Entrepreneur University”,
the science, innovation and applied technology are the soul of all
programs in ITI communities.
PI2B as the center of innovation and business incubation in ITI has a
task to develop innovation and entrepreneurial spirit in ITI. It’s
starting with a structured curriculum of Entrepreneurship Program as a
cross-disciplinary to motivate students come up with a creative ideas
according to their areas of expertise and passion. The output of the
activities are entering the Pre-incubation process to validate the idea,
build prototypes, business models and conduct market research.
The programs continues to business incubation program, to create and
develop new businesses with economic value and competitive, utilizing
science and technology.
Through business incubation, the entrepreneurs has access to business
networks, professional mentorship and funding opportunities to take
the startup to the next level.



To become a strong Technology
Incubation to generate and
develop new strong and
competitive startup.

  • Create entrepreneurial Ecosystem for
    students, alumni, lecturers and the public
    which based on technology.
  • Provide Incubation program for tenants to
    produce competitive technology-based
  • Build national and international
    network of tech incubators.
  • Improve incubation facilities to
    support the entire community.